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Items - Create Message Item

Items - Create Message Item

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Items - Create Message Item

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You can set a stock item up as a message. The message can either be used on its own or can be set up as an Action to another item so the message comes up automatically.

To create a new Message item

Select Items / Stock / New (to go to ‘New Item’ screen)

Select ‘Message’ as the Type of Item

Enter a Lookup code for the message eg: ME-NOWAR (It helps to find messages if they all begin with the same first digits)

Select OK (Should take you to the stock screen in Edit mode)

In Description enter a description of the message (Not the actual message)

In Catalogue Description enter the message you want displayed. You can press Enter to force a new line

If you have an existing Category beginning with ‘Message’ it will automatically assign it, otherwise you can set a Category just to keep the transaction reports tidy  

To bring up a Message on a transaction

Enter the Lookup code for the message, or just enter part of it eg: ME- to bring up a Look-up window with all messages starting with ‘ME’

If it brought up the Look-up window just select the message required

Tips - To bring up a message automatically when you sell certain items you can create an Action for that item as set the Message item to come up as part of the Action. See Items – Actions for more info. You can also set a default messages for Transactions in Settings / System / Messages