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Items - Create New Unit Item

Items - Create New Unit Item

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Items - Create New Unit Item

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You should create a stock item for each new model / colour combination that you will supply. This enables you to have detailed sales history for each unit when creating purchase orders (forward ordering).

To create the item record for a new unit:

Select Items, then Stock, then New (this should show the ‘New Item’ screen)

Select the Type of Item. In this case New Units

The system will prompt you to select a Model Template. If the Model is not in the Model Templates you can create a new one. Make sure the Model has the correct Unit Type so the correct fields and headings are displayed

Once the template has been selected you can confirm the re-order criteria and other details for the stock item. Make sure the Item type is set to ‘Unit – New’ and the Model is shown in the box below.

The Item Look-up number will default to a format such as .N(Model)(Colour) eg: ‘.NCBR600RED’ so you can find units easily in sales by typing .N and the first few letters of the model

Select Save when you finished entering details.

You can then create a Purchase Order for Unit stock items and the individual unit details are entered when ‘Receiving’ the Purchase Order. See Items – Purchase Orders

Tip - Setup your Model Templates and Unit types first, you only have to do once for each model and it makes data entry much quicker. Note: Used units are different – see separate section.