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Items - Create Stock Item

Items - Create Stock Item

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Items - Create Stock Item

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Stock items can be parts, accessories, clothing, units, insurance, postage or even messages.  See following sections for Units and Messages.

To create a stock item:

Select Items / Stock / New (to go to ‘New Item’ screen)

Select what Type of Item you are creating: Standard Item, Message, New unit, Used unit. In this case we will select Standard Item

Select one of the following creation options:

oUse Blank details  for entering items where there are no similar items

oUse Copy current item details to base the new item on an existing item. This saves re-entering lots of details. Select the item to base it on before selecting New

oUse From other Store / Price file to base the new item on details from the selected price file or store. Will only work if the new Item lookup number is found in that table

Confirm the Item Lookup number and select OK (this will take you back to the stock item screen in edit mode) Complete the details. The minimum amount of information is normally Lookup No, Description, Cost, Sell, Tax code, Category. If entering a lot of similar items you can create the first with Blank details and the rest using the Copy option and then just edit what is different.

Select Save when you have finished entering details.

Tips - It really pays to plan on how you will setup Lookup numbers, Categories and Groups before you start creating new stock items. This is definitely the biggest thing to get your head around, but it also pays the biggest dividends if organised well. Categories and Groups can give you a ‘Drill-Down’ system to find items without knowing the number and enable you to organise your stock well. Alternative and Supplier Numbers let you find any item by a number, so Lookup numbers can often be more descriptive, however we really need ‘Rules’ to make it consistent – Eg: Use series of two digits stating with the most important information to the left (eg: ‘TY17-350AM21’ for Tyres groups all the 17” Tyres together. We have sample charts for most industries available on request. Also all ‘General’ items such as Postage, Insurance, Till Adjustments, etc. should be grouped to make easy to find (eg: starting with .G). If you have a lot of stock items to create it may be quicker to enter them on a spreadsheet (or extract them from a price file), convert to a csv file and then use the Import features.