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Items - Editing Stock Items

Items - Editing Stock Items

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Items - Editing Stock Items

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You can edit the details of a stock item in Items / Stock. You can also group change items by selecting Items / Maintenance. Note: To input new stock see Items Purchase Orders & Receiving stock.

To edit a stock item

Select Items, then Stock Items, (This will bring up the stock screen with the last accessed item).

To find a different item enter a Part Number in the ‘For’ box at the top,  or change which field you wish to search by on he ‘Search’ drop-down box (you can enter a partial value which will bring up everything starting with that entry and arrow down to the item you are looking for) to view the details.

When you have the correct item select Edit to change the details, in addition to the main information on the left such as Description, Prices etc. there are a number of tabs on the right such as:

General - For stock quantities and general options

Actions - This is to apply up to 3 actions that can happen when you sell an item such as add a message, offer quantity deals, automatically sell linked items etc. (see also Actions)

Suppliers - You set different suppliers for the same item. One should always be the ‘primary’ supplier. It is often quicker to enter a whole range of items and then set the supplier in the Item Category section

Alternate numbers - You can enter any alternate numbers that will bring you to the same item

General -  To set a graphic for the item

When you have entered the details select Save to finish

Tip – If you are in Sales you can edit a stock item details by double-clicking the line you want to edit