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Items - Ordering and Receiving Stock

Items - Ordering and Receiving Stock

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Items - Ordering and Receiving Stock

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Create purchase orders (or stock transfers) for all items you enter into stock. Even if you do not need an actual purchase order, it is still the best way to input items as it is quick, simple and everything is traceable.

To create a Purchase Order

Select Items, then Orders, then New (This should brings up the New Purchase Order screen) Tip: Highlight the supplier first if on the list

The system will initially  bring up a blank purchase order. To automatically add items select Auto Add from the left menu. Select the type of order, in this case the default option: ‘Single supplier’. Confirm the Supplier and what to order (Normally Stock items and Customer orders. Then select OK

The system will create a ‘provisional’ order so you can browse and confirm order quantities. You can also create or add items manually

When receiving (you can receive at the same time or go back into the Order and receive later), select Auto Recv from the left menu which will set the Receive Qtys to the same as the Ordered Qtys (Or you can change individually)

If you do not want to Order immediately, for example you might want to hold open and add some more items later, you can select Hold rather than Order on the left menu

When you are are ready to Order select Order from the left menu. It will then give you the options to Print, email or EDI your order (select ‘Cancel’ if not required). If you have marked any items as ‘Received’ it will then prompt to print a ‘Goods Received Note’ and Labels if you have a Label printer set.

If you ‘Receive’ the goods at a later time, go back into the Order by highlighting it in the Order browse, select Edit to bring up the purchase order and confirm the Qtys received (Auto Recv sets them all). Change prices if different so the total price matches with the Invoice

Tip – Even you have not set the re-order criteria you can still enter items manually (or there are options to automatically bring up items or set order criteria based on Sales History). You can pre-view, change or add items prior to creating the Purchase Order / Goods Received