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Items - Setting Up Actions

Items - Setting Up Actions

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Items - Setting Up Actions

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You can set up to 3 ‘Actions’ to happen on any stock item when it is brought up on a sales transaction. An Action can be a Sales Prompt, a Message, a Kit of parts, or a List of related items.

To set Action(s) to a stock item

Select Items, then Stock Items

Select the item to add the Action to. Note: If creating a kit you will need to create an Stock Item for the Kit

Select the Actions tab, then Edit, then click on the Magnifying glass to go to Actions

On the Actions screen select an existing Action or select New from the top right buttons

When creating a New Action:

oSelect an Action Type

oGive it a Name

oSet to Include Original or not and any prompt text

You can then enter any Action Details in the bottom grid by selecting New Detail on the left menu. These can be standard items or text item depending on the Action Type

When complete select Return on the left menu to return to the stock item screen

In the stock item screen select Save to save the changes to the stock item

To activate the Action (or sell the Kit etc)

Select Sales

Bring up the Item with the Action attached

Depending on the action type it may bring up a selection window.