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Items - Setting Up Price Levels

Items - Setting Up Price Levels

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Items - Setting Up Price Levels

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Price Levels are used to assign different customers appropriate discount levels (IE trade customers or staff members may have a flat rate discount % on all parts and accessories)

To setup or edit a Price Level

Select Items then Price Levels

Select a price level to setup from the drop down menu

To create or modify a level select New Level or Edit Level from the buttons on the top right of the screen. Confirm the name for your price level (eg: “Trade”, “Distributor”, “Staff Discount”) then the “Scope” and  “Currency”. When correct select Save.

To create new Detail records select New Detail from the left menu.

Set the Detail record for: a).An item, b).A category, c).All Items, d).Mixed Items, e).Total Price

On single items you can select a price over-ride, a price over-ride if above a specified Qty, or a Discount

On a Category or All items you can just select discounts

With Discounts you can select which price field to base the discount on. This can be Sell, Cost or one of 3 user defined price fields. A negative discount will act as a surcharge. You can have a shown discount, a not shown discount or both (for example you may want to show Trade price as a not shown discount of 20% off Sell price and then show a 5% discount off that.

You can have multiple Detail records for one Price Level (eg 10% Off all Genuine Honda Parts, 5% off Vehicles, 0% on services and 20% off everything else)

When finished setting up a detail record select Save

Assigning a price level to a customer

Select Contacts,  and search for the contact you want to apply to price level too

Select the Sales tab for that customer and click Edit

Select the appropriate Price Level from  the “Price Level Override” drop down menu

Click Save

Tip – Discounts are applied on a sale automatically if there is no discount already. To re-set select Discount and apply zero discount to all line.