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Jobs - Booking Items to a Job

Jobs - Booking Items to a Job

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Jobs - Booking Items to a Job

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The Job must first be created (see Jobs – Creating a Job) before you can book items to it.

In the Sales screen bring up the items on the transaction as in a normal transaction. You can Special order any items you do not have in stock

When finished select Finish to go to the Finish screen

Select Book to Job from the left menu

Select the appropriate Job (You can click Last record on the navigation controls to see the later jobs if there are a lot of jobs)

Confirm Select Save&Print or SaveOnly depending if you want to re-print the Job card with the total of parts booked to it so far (handy as a backup)

You can also book parts to a Job by Recalling a Job (select Sales / Recall / Jobs) and adding the items to the transaction, and then select Finish and select Book to Job. This method is good in that you can see what has already been booked to that Job

Tip – A quick way to see what has been booked to a job is to Recall a job which will show all details and a total, then just cancel the transaction if not invoicing. The job details will still be there