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Jobs - Creating Jobs

Jobs - Creating Jobs

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Jobs - Creating Jobs

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Jobs can be created in the ‘Organiser’ section or in Sales / Recall / Jobs / New.

In the Organiser you can select New from the left menu or double click on the appropriate engineer and day / time

If due to start on a different day to today select the appropriate day in the calendar

This should bring up a new job screen where you can enter the Job details – Note:

If you select a Contact it will show any Units that are registered to that Contact

If you select a Unit it can set the Contact to the registered keeper

If you select Job template it will populate the Job details. You can also now add predetermined parts to a template

Select Add to details button next to the Job Details if you want to add another Template 'Story' to the Details using the same Job

Select Copy on the left menu to save Job and create another with the same Name and Unit (You can set a Job-card that shows multiple Jobs)

When you are sure the details are correct select a Save option on the left menu

Once the job is created you can: ‘Book parts to a Job’ or ‘Re-call Jobs’ in the Sales section – See appropriate sections for more info

Tip – Make up detailed ‘Stories’ with estimated time for your common jobs in the Job Templates section. Make sure there is a Job Template called DEFAULT with the details you want to come up if you do not  select a Job Template – Select Jobs, then Templates