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Jobs - Invoicing Jobs

Jobs - Invoicing Jobs

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Jobs - Invoicing Jobs

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Jobs are invoiced in the Sales section. You should have previously booked the job in and booked any parts used to the Job (see separate sections)

Select Sales, select Recall, check the Jobs option and select the Job you wish to invoice (or enter / scan the Job barcode at the sales Part number prompt (-J?????? where ?????? is the Job Number)

On the Job Details screen confirm the details such as Invoiced Hours. You may also want to add information to the Details field such as ‘Note: Requires Tyres replacing shortly’

The details will then be added onto the transaction along with any items previously booked to that job (see Items – Book to a Job)

Repeat for any additional jobs for that customer

Add any sundries or items that have not already been booked to that Job

Select Finish from the Left menu and select payment method(s).

Warning – If a Job is saved as an Estimate or Sales Order and more items are booked to the Job you will need to recall the job again or else the new items will not show.

Tip – If you want to produce the invoice prior to the customer arriving then complete the invoice but put it on Account, then when the customer arrives we would then select Payment Received to enter payment. If we want to print the details but not complete the sale we can either produce a priced job card or save it as a Sales Order or Estimate