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Jobs - Logging time to a Job

Jobs - Logging time to a Job

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Jobs - Logging time to a Job

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Logging engineer’s time to jobs is recommended. If you do not log the time on the computer it can be noted on the Job card and then you have the choice to adjust the Logged and Invoiced hours at the time of invoice.

If you do Log the engineer’s time you can produce much more detailed reports on how each engineer has spent his time. It is a great way to improve efficiency and reward good performance. There are pre-set codes for internal work and idle time such as Set-up, Maintenance, Breaks, No work etc. It works best when engineers log on each time something different is started. That way every second of the time they are at work is accounted for. They do not have to log off jobs as logging onto the next thing will automatically log them off. At the end of the day they log onto ‘Day End’ code.  

Select Log Time from the top Menu

Ensure the correct Engineer is selected. If not select Login or enter / scan an engineer code (-O???? where ???? is the passcode)

Select the Job, or a Pre-defined Code (or scan the Job barcode).  Note: If the job is started at a different time to when booked it will adjust the diary automatically so the workshop manager can see when to fit in more work.

If working on an internal job or taking a break select the appropriate code

At the end of the day select the Lunch / Finish option

Tip - A common way to set up is to have a workstation in the workshop where the engineers can easily access it with a barcode scanner attached to make the Logging fast and simple.  Engineers would then scan a barcode for their engineer code (if not already set to them) and then scan a barcode for the Job number they are starting (printed on the Job card). As an engineer logs onto each job it automatically logs them off the previous one so they are always recorded as doing something even if it is a Break or No work available