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Key Features

Key Features

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Key Features

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Here a summary of some of the key features:

Arranged by Model families so you can see the history of a model and easily identify exactly which model variance if you need to, or see as an overview

Data for various model variances that are the same are combined together to give a much simpler view and shorter application lists

Library of model names and codes so you can find the model by different Names, Codes or Nicknames

Break down into multiple Main Model Types and Sub Model Types

Parts linked to you own stock for easy selling

Show all the parts you have in stock for each model

‘Alternative numbers’ give you comprehensive cross references for parts

‘Fits What’ reports shows if it is worth stocking or not

Central database in the ‘Cloud’ (with regional options)

Registered users can submit their own changes and additions.

Link model info to unit sales details for buy and sell price histories

Ability to display units for sale for that model

Ability to show your stock on the Retail web site so other users can buy directly off you

Ability to add your Bike, Boat, Cars etc in stock so other users can buy directly off you

Suppliers guide (for Trade only) or Dealers guide for everyone else

Instant Expert web-site available to everyone

Instant Expert was originally designed for Motorcycle industry but we now have options for:



Boat Engines






or indeed anything you can think of.