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Magento - Using

Magento - Using

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Magento - Using

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Once the Magento site has been setup and the connection details have been entered into Evopos, we can now use the integration

Uploading items to the web site

The Update options can be used for creating the items on the site and / or updating the stock quantities.

Not everyone uses the create options as some users prefer to update the site from it's Admin interface or have a different Category structure from Evopos. However this option does make it a lot easier to setup from scratch.

Evopos will upload any stock items with the 'WebStore' option ticked and where the Modified Date is greater then the 'Last Updated' date (Shown in Settings Integrations)

There are no minimum requirements for the stock item apart from unique part number, so before you create new products on the site we need to ensure the appropriate stock items on Evopos have the relevant information, for example a Long Description, at least one Picture and the Web Store option ticked.

See: General - Setup Items - For how to Setup the products and Categories in Evopos

See: General - Updating - For more information on how to upload the Products and Categories to the site


Additional Notes on Categories

Magento has a multi-level parent category system, this means you can have 1, 3 or 100 levels of categories. In Evopos we have a 3 level category system (main, sub and cat), we have devised a way for you to use 1 and 2 levels with the Evopos system:

Additional notes on Variants

Evopos has a variants feature or fashion matrix, this allows you to set options on things like clothing, helmets etc. The options can be for size, colour, style etc.

Magento has the same features called configurable products, however this is not part of our integration yet, Evopos will only update and create standard items on Magento. Variants currently work on our own eCommerce solution as well as nopCommerce, it allows you to display one product on the website with a drop down for size etc.

In addition to Variants, you can use 'Actions', Actions can have a wide range of options including Kits, Similar Products, Tag along items.

In regards to the sizing of Units (eg: bicycles) you would have to display them individually. Or you could set them up as Standard Items and use Variants. We could also set an 'Action to prompt for the Serial Number when being sold.







Downloading Orders from the web site

Orders are normally downloaded into Evopos as Sales Orders.

See: General - Updating - For more information on how to download any Orders from the site to Evopos