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Magento - Setup

Magento - Setup

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Magento - Setup

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Hosting Setup

The Magento site will need to be setup and configured on a server that can support a Magento website. Magento requires a Linux based server with a MySql Database.

Evopos customer services can do this for you for a nominal setup fee, we can also arrange competitive Hosting. Or you can work with your own web specialists.


Setup API in Magento Admin

We will need to setup an API user in Magento for Evopos to be able to connect.

Log in to the Magento Admin

Under System then Web Services select SOAP Roles

Create a Role (Evopos) and allow All under Role Resources

Save the Role

Under System then Web Services select SOAP Users

Create a new User. Give it a User name and API key (Make a note of these for later)

Then under User Role add the role (you created earlier) to that user

Save the user


Entering connection details into Evopos.

Note: Evopos customer service can do this as part of the site setup.

Select Settings from the top menu and select Integrations from the top row of Tabs

Ensure you have an Integration with the format of: 'Magento Webstore'. If not, create a new Integration and set the format.

Ensure the URL for the API on your website is correctly specified. This is normally your website address with '/api/v2_soap/' on the end. For example: http://www.magento.evopos.com.au/api/v2_soap/ (Note: You may need to leave off / add on the www depending on your DNS settings)

Ensure the User name and API key are correctly entered. These were set when doing the Magento Site set up using Magento Admin

Set the Default Category ID to the default Magento Parent Category (Normally 2)

Set the Store ID to the Magento Store ID you want to update (Normally 1, unless Magento has multiple Stores)


Know Issues

Magento has had many versions over the years, and the API has changed also, so you could experience problems based on what Magento version is being used. We have tested with Magento version 1.5, 1.7 and 1.9.

Any errors connecting with the API will be displayed in a message box, if any errors messages could be forwarded to support@evopos.com.au with the Magento site version we will do our best to resolve it, however some versions may not be supported and we may need to update the site.