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Magento Web Store

Magento Web Store

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Magento Web Store

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Magento is a powerful and flexible Web Store solution (Owned by Ebay) that has hundreds of thousands of users. There are also many Web Designers that are familiar with this system for any customisation that may be needed.

You can automatically upload Evopos stock items from Evopos (with the Web-Store option ticked) to the Web store.  The navigation to the products in the Web Store is controlled by how the Groups and Categories in Evopos are set up.

Orders placed on the ‘Web Store’ can be downloaded into Sales Orders from Sales / Recall / Sales Orders, or automatically by schedule. There are two main versions of Magento

Magento Community - Open source version (Free)

Magento Enterprise - High performance, scalable with advanced features ($15k +)

In terms of support, Evopos can help you with anything Evopos Integration related (setting up categories, items, variants and syncing the website).

We normally have specialist Magento contractors to help with anything on the Magento side.

Note: Some users prefer to populating products using the Magento Admin panel. This way you have the option to setup your variant/configurable products and can customise the category structure without effecting Evopos. all you would need to do is ensure the Part Number matched the Evopos part number and Evopos can still sync the inventory.


Feature lists: http://magento.com/sites/default/files/cu_pdf/content_small_one_column/Magento%20Full%20Features%20List%20082615.pdf