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Picture Library

Picture Library

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Picture Library

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Evopos has a built in Picture Library for managing images. It allows you to save a collection of images in your database which can be categorised and allocated to Stock Items, Contact Records, Units or Logos.


You can access the Image Library by clicking on any image (see below). Once you have accessed the Picture Library, you can import, export and edit your images. Please refer to the below reference table which details the various functions available.

Menu Option



Select the current image to populate the image box.


Clear the current image in the image box. This doesn't delete the image from your library.


Change category or description on the image.


Select image files to import into the library. In the file selection box you can select more than one image at a time. If the filename is ID:999.jpg where 999 is the ID number of the image, then Evopos will update the image with that ID if it exists, If the ID does not exist it should create it (Only works on the SQL Server). When importing an image you can select a re-sizing option. We normally use 400 (400px wide) which is normally good enough for web sites etc. If you set to zero it will keep the original size. The height will be adjusted proportionately.


Export all images in your existing image library to C\EVOPOS\IMAGES. Evopos will give the Images the name of ID:999.jpg where 999 is the ID number of the image. If a lot of the pictures are too big (high resolution) this feature can be used to export all images and then Import them all in using a re-sizing option


Match images to Stock Items for fast entry. The Original Filename will need to be the same as the part number or model. For example, if the Original filename is C:\Evopos\Images\ABC123.jpg, the image will be matched to part number ABC123 in your stock file. This will only work for file extensions .JPG, .BMP and .PNG. If you are matching Items you must select Items on the filter. If models you must select Models on the filter


Delete the selected image from your picture library.


Leave the picture library. The original image should not change

You can use the search filters at the top of the screen to find images in the library based on Category, Description, File Name or ID. Just type what you're looking for in the Find field and click on the filter buttons to narrow your search.


Accessing The Picture Library

You can access the menu from many different screens by single-clicking on an image box. There are Image boxes in the following sections:

Contacts - Under the People Tab.

Items >> Stock Items - Under the General tab. There are six image boxes for the Stock Item.

Items >> Stock Items - Next to the Brand field. This is used to input a Brand Logo.

Items >> Categories - You can add a Main Category image and up to three category Icon images.

Items >> Units >> Main Detail - Under the Sales Tab. There are six image boxes for the Unit.

Items >> Units >> Models - Under the Sales Tab. There are six images boxes for the Model.

Settings >> Divisions - Two boxes; one for Large Logo, one for Small Logo.

Settings >> Operators/Staff - Under the Operator settings. Used for a staff photograph.