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Motorcycle Supermarket

Motorcycle Supermarket

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Motorcycle Supermarket

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The integration works by taking the Units in stock with the Web-Store option ticked and sending the details and images of each unit to the web site.

You can activate the process manually by selecting Settings / Web Sites / Selecting the appropriate record and then select Update from the left menu. You can also run it automatically by adding the option to the built in scheduler

To set up this option you will need to:

Ensure the unit details have sufficient information (Long Description, Pictures, Sell Price, etc)

Setup the Integration details on a record in Settings / Web Sites


Website address: http://www.motorcyclesupermarket.com/

File format: CSV (sample available)

File Name: to be advised

Delivery Method: FTP transfer, dealers have their own FTP folder (which we cans et in settings) within each ftp Folder is a folder called “tmp” to store the images

Images: Images sent to dealers ftp area “tmp” folder using stock_no as the filename so they can be matched to the bike

Overview: Evopos sends the CSV file to the dealers designated ftp area, within this area is a “tmp” folder which is where we will write the images from the database using the vehicle stock_no as the filename. This means we need to be able to add multiple images to one vehicle as well as being able to set multiple image_urls