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Motorcycle Trader

Motorcycle Trader

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Motorcycle Trader

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The integration works by taking the Units in stock with the Web-Store option ticked and sending the details and images of each unit to the web site.

You can activate the process manually by selecting Settings / Web Sites / Selecting the appropriate record and then select Update from the left menu. You can also run it automatically by adding the option to the built in scheduler

To set up this option you will need to:

Ensure the unit details have sufficient information (Long Descriptions, Pictures, Sell Prices, etc)

Setup the Integration details on a record in Settings / Web Sites


Technical Summary

Web site: http://www.motorcycletrader.co.uk

File format: XML

File Name: “dealer-code.XML” (i.e 1234.xml - see below)

Delivery Method Data: ftp://ftp.portfolioforbikes.com/DealerDataFeeds/  (all files sent to the same location)

Delivery Method Images: images are to be hosted online and URL to be provided within the XML file. You can use your own web location or use  a public location such as Dropbox, Google Images, Facebook etc (no option for sending jpg’s to ftpsite) - See below for spec



Images (provided as URLs) must be high-resolution JPEGs, with at least 72dpi and must have an aspect ratio of 1.3 (e.g. 800x600, 1600x1200, 640x480). A maximum of 6 images are allowed per vehicle.


File Names

Evopos is configured per dealer branch (i.e. Manheim have provided you with a single dealer-code, and hence you only have one <dealer> tag), then your data file must have the same name as your dealer-code (described above). For example, if the dealer-code given to you is 4877, then your datafeed should be named “4877.xml”.