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The Nominal (or General ledger) keeps the running totals for the Purchase and Sales ledgers and keeps the Opening Balance and Movements for each of the Balance Accounts to verify and balance your accounts.

The Nominal is normally updated automatically as you enter transaction and payments, however sometimes it can be put out, for example if we change the financial year dates or make manual changes to the data. If this happens we can re-build the nominal quite easily from the Transaction and Payment records. To do this just select the appropriate financial year and select Re-Build from the left menu.

The Nominal can be re-built at any time. It does not update any opening balances so if these have changes we will need to update manually. It also does not update parts stock values as these are calculated at the end of each month

You can set Targets / Budgets for each nominal for each month. Note to set the budget for sales (as shows in Graphs etc) you need to set for each department.

You can Export the Nominal data using the Export funtion. See Export Nominal