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NOP - Evopos Setup

NOP - Evopos Setup

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NOP - Evopos Setup

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Before you can setup Evopos, the NOP site needs to be published onto a hosting server and setup. See NOP - Site Setup

In Evopos select Settings from the top menu, then select Websites from the top row of tabs.

If there is not already an record for the NOP site create a new website, give it an appropriate name and select the format: NOP Web store

Fill in the following information (The person who set up the Hosting should be able to provide the connection details):

Website address (Not essential but good to know)

FTP Address

FTP User

FTP Passcode

SQL Database Server

SQL Database Name

SQL Database User

SQL Database Passcode

Price Used


Populating and Updating the web site

To populate and update see:

General - Setup Items - For how to Setup the products and Categories in Evopos

General - Updating - For how to upload the Products and Categories to the site, plus download any Orders from the site to Evopos