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NOP - Site Setup

NOP - Site Setup

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NOP - Site Setup

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The NOP Commerce site must be hosted on a server that can support:

ASP Web pages

Microsoft SQL Database

Note: Evopos customer service can completely setup and customise the site for you, or are happy to just help where required. Alternatively you could do it yourself or get your own web specialist to set it up.


Publish the site

The site can be published to a hosting server by:

Copying the files, or running a Web Package.

Create the SQL Database (Note the connection details)

Create the FTP Service (Note the connection details)

Set it up so a domain name points to your site


Initial Configuration of the site

Once the site is published we need to initially configure it using the Admin section. This includes:

Setting your Company Logo image

Setting your Company Contact Details

Setting the email addresses for notifications

Creating and Populating any Content Pages


Updating the Product Information from Evopos

Once the NOP web site is accessible over the internet we can setup the details in Evopos and populate the Products, Categories and Variants from Evopos.

See NOP - Evopos Setup