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NOP Commerce

NOP Commerce

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NOP Commerce

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NOP Commerce is an open source .NET shopping cart / content management system that is used by thousands of users.

NOP is one of our recommended e-commerce solution for general retail sites (where custom features of Evopos Portal is not required). Note  NOP Commerce is not part of EVOPOS.

The NOP site is Open Source, which makes it basically Free.  However users would need to subscribe to the Evopos Web-Link module for the integration with Evopos (Updating products and Downloading orders)

NOP has many excellent features including:

Integration with Evopos

Unlimited Products

Mobile compatible

Product Comparison

Product Reviews

Over 50 Payment options

Flexible content management system

Growing number of pre-made Themes available (helps lower the cost of customisation).

Evopos can provide a range of services including: Web Hosting, Hosting Setup, Domain registration, Domain redirection and site customization.


Using Evopos to upload products to the Web site

You can automatically upload Evopos stock items from Evopos (with the Web-Store option ticked) to the Web store.  The navigation to the products in the Web Store is controlled by how the Groups and Categories in Evopos are set up. When stock items are updated in Evopos (Date modified since the last update date) then the NOP site is updated.

This can be performed manually in Evopos / Settings / Integrations, or automatically using the Scheduler.


Using Evopos to download orders from the web site

Orders placed on the ‘Web Store’ can be downloaded into Sales Orders

To do this manually select: Sales / Recall / Sales Orders

You can also set to do automatically by using the Evopos schedule.