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Log Time

Log Time

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Log Time

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Evopos can be used to log time spent on any Job or Task. This helps to acknowledge staff for efficient and productive work, and analyse exactly where the time is being spent.

Logging Time is especially useful in Jobs and helps to control pricing. You can also include invoiced time to give a full analysis on workshop and engineer performance.

Jobs can be created using Job Templates that include Estimated Time, Long description, Skill level etc for each job.

On each job record Evopos will record the Estimated time, the Logged time and the Invoiced time so we can calculate a number of ratios for any time period. Evopos also creates a log of every time we work on a Job or Task.

Invoicing Jobs

When invoicing a job the screen will show the estimated hours and the total logged time. The Invoiced hours is initially the estimated hours however if the logged time is more because of more work being done you would normally increase the Invoiced hours (especially if the job had fairly required