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Supplier Pack Quantities

Supplier Pack Quantities

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Supplier Pack Quantities

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Often you will want to sell individual quantities of an item, but when ordering from a supplier you need to order in Packs. Evopos allows you to have different purchase pack quantities for different suppliers even on the same item.

You always deal in the Units the stock item is entered as. So you sell in Units and Purchase in units.

The main thing supplier pack quantities do is when you print a purchase order is it divides the quantity by the pack qty so if ordering 200 and a pack qty of 100 it says 2 x Widget (100 Pack). However, it will say the individual quantities on the purchase order screen.

The other thing it does is round the quantity up to the nearest pack qty so if the order criteria said to order 183 it will round it up to 200

Evopos handles this automatically, providing you specify the Supplier Pack quantity for each supplier for that item.

You can also set a Sales pack qty which will simply sell the sales Pack Qty by default rather than 1. If there are different prices for different packs you will either need to set in Price Levels or create separate part numbers for each pack and transfer stock between them  

Setting Supplier Pack Quantities

Go to Items, then Stock Items, then select the relevant part number.

Then, in the Suppliers tab for that item, providing you have a Supplier selected, you will see a field which says Buy Pack Quantity. Here you can add the amount in the pack (E.g. 100 as discussed above).

Note: You need to set the Optimum and Minimum Stock Qty's based on the individual quantities, not the pack quantities. The purchase order quantity will round up to the nearest pack quantity so if the pack quantity was 100 and you set the optimum Qty to 20 it would round it up to 100. If you always wanted to end up with 5 packs after you placed an order you would set the Optimum Qty to 500. This will ensure full packs will always be printed on the Purchase Order.

Ordering and Receiving Packs

The purchase order screen will always show the individual units of the item. When using Auto-Add to add items the system should automatically round up to the nearest multiple of the Pack Quantity. There is also a note in the description which says (Pack: 100).

When you print/export the Purchase Order, the quantity will show as the number of packs required, not the number of individual items. For example 2 x Widget (100 Pack).

If you don't want the Purchase Order to display single pack quantities, you will need to use the report named.


This will display the individual item quantity (E.g. 100) and not the single pack quantity.

Once the packs arrive and you receive them into stock, you will use the individual units again for example if the order printed 2 x Widget (100 Pack) you would receive 200.