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Sales Payment Methods

Sales Payment Methods

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Sales Payment Methods

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You can have any number of sales payment methods. They are always linked to a nominal code. This is normally an In-Hand' balance account, however they can be linked to a normal Balance account via Contra recods.

See Settings - Sales - Payment Methods to setup or edit Payment Methods.

Payment Method



Contra is used when transferring to another (normally purchase) account. Contra payments should always have two entries, one positive and one negative, that add up to zero.


The Trade-In payment method is a specific type of Contra payment. It is used automatically when taking a Unit in Trade-In.


When the invoice is 'On Account' and not being paid immediately. Note: You can set a customer to On-Stop which will not allow an Account sale. The Nominal code must be set to 01-07-01 (Debtors)


When paying by Cash – This can either be set to the Nominal for 01-09-01 (In-Hand-Cash) in which case all the individual payments will be shown to be banked. Alternatively you can set to a Balance Account such as 01-08-01 Petty Cash (or create a new one if you use Petty cash differently), and then you can bank specific amounts by creating a Journal from the Petty Cash Account to the Bank account it is being Banked into


When paying by Card. Note you can have separate ones for Debit and Credit (or Visa / MC / Amex / Diners etc), but if they are shown on the same reconciliation then they are often combined. You can normally use the same nominal for 01-09-03 (In-Hand-Cards)


When paying by Cheque. Normally set to Nominal 01-09-02 (In-Hand-Cheques)

Direct Deposit (BACS)

When the money is paid directly into the bank (eg: Internet Banking). What this does it mark the invoice paid by the Sales Contra account (01-09-04) , then creates a Journal from the Sales Contra (01-09-04) to the Bank Account (01-08-??).


If you accept payments to a Paypal account (or make payments from a Paypal account), there is a specific way we would set this up.


Ensure your PayPal accounts are setup correctly

First check the Balance Account (Credit) for Paypal. You can do this by:

Select Accounts from the top menu

Select Nominal from the left menu

Highlight ‘Balance Account (Credit)’ on the tree

Check there is not already a PayPal account and if not select ‘New’ from the left menu

Confirm a name eg: PayPal, a Description and an opening balance (if any)

When complete select ‘Save’

Make a note of the Nominal Code eg: 08-01-?? (on the top right of the screen)


Check there is a Payment Method for PayPal sales payments. You can do this by:

Select Settings from the top menu

Select Sales from the bottom row of tabs (In the System section)

Check the Payment Methods table for a PayPal option

If there is not one select Edit on the left menu and enter PayPal  on the blank line with ‘*’ on the left

Confirm the order in which you want it to appear on the Sales Finish screen

Ensure the Nominal code is set to the Balance account nominal (eg: 01-08-?? And NOT the 01-09-?? Account)

Ensure Active is ticked

Ensure Is_Account is NOT ticked (Note: Normally only ID: 1 – Account should be ticked for this)

Ensure Display is ticked


When receiving a PayPal payment

Select the Paypal payment method. This will mark the payment paid by Sales Contra and also create a Journal from Sales Contra to the PayPal balance account (eg: 01-08-??)

When transferring an amount from the PayPay account to your Bank account

Select Accounts / Journals and create a Journal from the PayPal account to the Bank account (or whichever you require)

When entering PayPal charges

Select Accounts from the top menu

Select Purchases

Create a Purchase transaction with the appropriate expense nominal for the Charges

When paying, select the PayPal balance account

When making a payment for a purchase using your PayPal account

Create the purchase record as normal.

When paying, select the PayPal balance account

Reconciling the PayPal balance account

Select Accounts from the top menu

Select Reconcile from the left menu

Select the PayPal balance account and reconcile as normal

Supplier Account

When the money from the sale is being credited against a purchase invoice. You should always make sure that the supplier name is added to the transaction before using this payment method.

The Nominal on the payment method should be set to Contra Purchase (01-08-99). When using this method, the payment will be marked as paid by Sales Contra (01-09-04). It then creates a Journal from the Sales Contra (01-09-04) to the Purchase Contra (01-08-99), and then a Purchase Pre-Payment; the first part paid by Purchase Contra (01-08-99) and the second part is the Credit going to the Customers purchase account. (Note the 2 Sales Contra amounts and the 2 Purchase Contra amount balance back to zero).

You can then use the Purchase Credit to allocate against any Purchase Invoices.

A common example of this is a Warranty Sales Invoice to a Supplier that will be set off against purchase invoices for the same supplier.