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Portal - Downloads

Portal - Downloads

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Portal - Downloads

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The Download section allows portal users to download files applicable to various subjects.

Only subjects linked to the user are shown.

You can allocate Subjects to Users in Admin mode in Subjects or in Users. The available downloads are shown in a grid.

You can filter by Subject, and you can search for any text in the Description.

The user can download the file by clicking on the Download link in any of the available downloads.

In Admin mode there is an option on the top for New Download. This will create a new record and bring up a Download Details screen where you can edit download details and upload a file

There is also an additional Details link on the grid which will bring up a Download Details screen where you can modify download details or upload a new file

You can setup any number of files on your Portal for Customers or staff to be able to access from anywhere.

To setup select Web-Link from the top menu and make sure the correct site is selected. Then select 'Downloads' from the left menu. This will show all the files you currently have available for Download.

Downloads are linked to Subjects and Regions.

Users can have Subjects linked to them in the Users section. Subjects can also be set to auto-link to new users.

Users are also set to a particular Region. On each Downloads you can set if it  

From this screen you can search, click on the column headers to sort, or select one of the following options

Add - Add a new file for download