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Portal - Library

Portal - Library

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Portal - Library

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The library allows portal users to view Docs and Changes applicable to them. Only subjects allocated to the user are shown. You can allocate Subjects and Users in Admin mode in Subjects or in Users.

The Library is split into sections:

Manuals – This is a central area where you can see the manuals for each product

Guides  - These are guides and procedures relative to the Subjects and Region of the current user.  These are originally created in Evopos under the Procedures section and can be Exported into the portal

Changes – These are completed Issues with Type of Enhancements or Defects

FAQs  - These are completed Issues with Type of FAQ


This is your main knowledgebase of information.  Guides can be Procedures, Guides, Info sheets, etc.


This section shows the completed Issues for each subject where the Library option on the Issue has been ticked. This is different to the Completed filter in Issues as that will display only the issues reported by the user, where the Changes section displays all Issues (with Library ticked), no matter who reported it.

You can filter by Subject and Version, and you can search for any text in the Area, Summary or description.


These Frequently Asked Questions with the appropriate answers. They are based on Issues with carefully scripted answer in the solution and the Type set to FAQ.

You can view the FAQs in the Library. You can also filter the list by Subject and Area. Users only see the FAQs for the Subjects allocated to them.

When adding or editing and Issues users can also list the FAQs for the particular Subject and Area selected. If one of the FAQs answers their question then they can select it and it enters the details in the Solution so that they are solving the issue themselves.


Guides are created and updated from Evopos by using features in the Procedures section.  They can then be published to the portal by selecting the Publish option in Procedures.

Procedures are a great way to detail how things should be done in the most efficient and effective way. Many Procedures will be internal to your business however you would normally have others that could be useful to your customers as well as your staff such as: How to solve technical issues, Tips and tricks or procedures for Returning goods etc.

You can set specific procedures to be published on the Evopos Web-Portal by ticking the 'Publish to Portal' option and setting the Portal Subject to determine what it comes under. The subject will determine who can see it as Users can have specific subjects allocated to them.

You can then publish by selecting Export, set the option to Export to Portal and confirm the date since last updated. The system will update all procedures with the 'Publish to Portal' option ticked and the Updated Date later than the specified date.

If you want to remove a procedure from the portal enter DELETE in the Subject and set the Updated date so it will get updated.

Note: Whenever you save a procedure you can specify the Update date, the default is set to the Last Updated date. This enables you to work on a procedure but only update the last updated date when you have finished. It will also set ‘Updated by’ to the current operator. For more information on Procedures see the section in the Evopos Manual