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Portal - Products / Shop

Portal - Products / Shop

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Portal - Products / Shop

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The Products in the Portal enables your customers to view and purchase your products on-line.

Evopos will publish stock any items with the Webstore option ticked.

To view the Stock Items with the Webstore option ticked select Web-Link from the top menu, and select Items

The site will look much better if you have a Long Description and Pictures. You can add these in Items > Stock Items,  or in Web-Link > Items

Standard features of the Evopos Web-store include:

Integrates seamlessly with Evopos

The products in the web store are automatically created from the data already entered in your main Evopos system.

Navigation by Groups and Categories, Brands, Attributes, Specials and Clearance items

Update info pages, prices, stock etc  from within Evopos

Multiple payment options including: Paypay, SagePay and Manual

Sale pricing (showing original, amount and percentage saved)

Orders are automatically uploaded into your main Evopos system for despatching

We also offer add-ons for a nominal price should you require them including:

Unlimited number of price levels for trade customers

Salesperson mode to enable a salesperson to process orders for his customers

Project Management, Downloads, Library, FAQs  etc

Products Search Page

The Products Search page is where users navigate to products or search for them. We have creating several different styles of product page and navigation.

Category – Displays a menu on the left for each Group / Category. For example first screen would show main groups (Bikes, Parts, Accessories, Clothing, Service) plus graphics for Specials and Clearance. If they say select Clothing it would then show Sub Groups eg: Jackets, Gloves, Boot (if there was only one Sub Group it would show Categories). If they select Gloves it would show Categories eg: Alpine MX330, Alpine Gladiator, Fieldsheer Gauntlets etc (if there was only one Category it would show products). If select say Alpine Gladiator it would show products for that category.  Could also have breadcrumb navigation on top (Search3.aspx Search4.aspx)

Brand selection - Displays a menu on the left for each Brand

Attribute selection - Displays a menu on the left for each Attribute.  An attribute can be the models that a specific part would fit or a characteristic such as Performance or Safety. An item can have any number of attributes

Search – Can search for text anywhere in the stock file or just for the selected Category / Brand

Specials and Clearance – There are also special option for these

Price levels

You can have any number of price levels. Any user can have a price level set for them (same as Evopos). When a user logs in their prices will automatically be displayed.


Check-out handles a variety of different payment and delivery options

When you click on checkout we would have the following stages

Show basket (where we can delete items or change quantities)

Login or Register screen (only if not already logged in)

Billing and Delivery details (can change Pricing, Delivery and Payment options)

Shipping options (only if more than 1 shipping option or user has delivery override)

Payment confirmation (only if more than 1 payment option – Check if user has an account (Credit Days > 0) to show Account option

Thank you for your order screen (Continue shopping button)


Preparing the data in Evopos:

Your Products, Groups, Categories and Pictures in Evopos are automatically populated into the Web Store (when the Web-Store option ticked on a stock item).  Used Units are automatically added when you buy them and removed as you sell them. The navigation to your products is controlled by how we set up the Groups and Categories in Evopos. Orders placed on your ‘Web Store’ can be automatically imported into Evopos. Please note the following to make the most of the features:

Items you want to appear in the Web Store should have the ‘Web-Store’ option ticked in Items > Stock under the ‘Inventory’ tab

If you want the item to appear in the ‘Specials’ section you should have the ‘Special’ option ticked in Items > Stock under the ‘Inventory’ tab

If you want the item to appear in the ‘Clearance’ section you should have the ‘Clearance’ option ticked in Items > Stock under the ‘Inventory’ tab

Confirm there is a long description in the ‘Catalogue Description’ field

Confirm there is a Picture under the ‘General’ tab. Pictures should ideally be 100px X 100px or in that proportion. Finding images using Google is a good option for this most if not all products can be found by doing a Google image search.

The price the site uses by default is the PriceA field under the ‘General’ tab (You can adjust this automatically in Items > Stock > Maintenance > Change price by formula). If PriceA is lower than the standard Sell price then it will show the higher price crossed out and the amount and % they have saved.

If you want to set a Minimum Qty to buy of an item set ‘Pack’ in Items > Stock under the ‘General’ tab

Ensure the ‘Category’ and ‘Brand’ is set in Items > Stock

Ensure the appropriate ‘Main Group’ and ‘Sub Group’ is set for each Category in Items > Categories (See information on navigation below)

Making the most of the Product Navigation

The success of a web-store can depend on how quickly and intuitively a customer can find a product he is interested in. This means it is important on how well the Groups and Categories have been setup in Evopos to enable items to appear under the most logical headings. Speed is also important, for example if you use all main groups and sub groups it takes 3 clicks to select 1-Main Group , then 2-Sub Group, then 3-Category which would then show the items for that Category (eg: Clothing > Gloves > MX Gloves). This is normally needed when you have a lot of items, however sometimes you do not need the customer to go through 3 levels to get to an item, for example you may want to have Used Bikes on the main menu and just have 1 click it to show all the used bikes.

To set this up in Evopos we have made it so if you have a Main Group where there is only one Sub Group, it will not show the Main group but the Sub group, and if there was only one Category for that Sub group it would not show the Sub group but just show the Category.

To make this easier to manage we recommend using the same name for the Groups when you want less levels (As it helps ensure there is for example only one Category in a Group).

So, for example, if you wanted ‘Used Bikes’ to be one click away you would set Main group Sub group and Category all to ‘Used Bikes’. Like-wise if you wanted a Category to be 2 clicks (eg: Clothing > Boots) so you would call the Sub Group and Category the same name.

Uploading new data to the Web Store

You can set the data to be updated automatically on a schedule (say every 30 minutes, or every 24 hours, depending on your requirements). This will update any changes, additions and refresh the stock Quantities. You can also update at any time manually eg:  

In Evopos select: Settings > Websites and ensure the correct store is selected

Select ‘Update Data’ to update products and Categories that have changed since the last time the site was updated.