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Price Books

Price Books

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Price Books

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Most Suppliers frequently release updated Price Books with changed prices and new parts added.

These price books can be very useful as they can be used to:

Create new items using the details from the Price Book

Special order items for customers from the price book without cluttering up the stock file

Update stock item retail prices after price changes

Unfortunately there are lots of different standards and file formats so Evopos run a service where they convert all the different formats to a consistent format and make them available on the user portal for a nominal monthly fee

To sell from a Price Book: In Sales just enter the number and if it is not found in the Stock Items a screen will show with the available Price Books.

To browse Price Book select Items from the top menu and then Price Books from the left menu, select the Price Book you want to browse on the top drop-down list. We can then browse, search, create and edit Price book items. The Maintenance section allows you to import updated price files, make global changes and update you current stock from the latest price book.

New Price Books records must first be created in Settings / Stores - See Creating Stores from Settings

Price Books can then be Downloaded form our User Portal and Imported into Evopos - See Importing Price Books