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Problems Using Evopos

Problems Using Evopos

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Problems Using Evopos

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These are known issues that can happen while using Evopos

Screen seemingly locked up

There are several things this could be:

A dialogue window in the background - Minimize the other windows or press Alt+Tab or Alt+Esc to move between windows.

A drop-down selection box requires something to be selected - Select something, even if you are going to cancel out of it.

The program is doing something that needs to be completed before you can continue - All we can do here is wait

The program or Windows has actually locked up - Run Task Manager (Right click task bar or press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Task Manager). In task manager you can force the closing of an application or service. You can also check the Memory being used and other performance factors.  


Incorrect results

If you think Evopos is not handling something as it should, or you can think of a better way, please contact us. We may find you are not performing the task as it was intended and we can help to correct this. Or we can make changes to that area so that it performs better.


Protected Memory Errors

A recent known problem is with specific versions of AGV Anti-virus software causing this error. You can either amend the AGV settings, or un-install AGV (In Control Panel / Programs and Feature). Note: It is common to use the included Microsoft Defender Anti-Virus (Search for Defender in Windows search)


Database connection errors

Ensure the computer that has the SQL Database is running. Also ensure that computers power settings are not set to shut down hard drive or go to sleep after so many minutes. Sometimes wireless networks can have problems if at limit of range or there is an interruption of the signal (such as someones mobile phone).

If the error only comes up when searching for parts / price books, then check Settings / System / Stores and look for any Stores or price Books that are not set to Local, then select the Count option to check the connection.


Other Errors

There are many reasons why an error can occur. These can include:

An issue with the Data - If possible try

An issue with Windows or the Network - Check if the same issue is happening on other computers. Try switching off and re-starting that computer

A bug in the program - Evopos is very solid and obviously we do a lot to avoid this, but sometimes bugs get through. Please use the internal reporting tools or the portal to report this (If possible give the steps to re-produce). Or, especially if urgent, please contact us direct.


Ensure you are on the latest version

Normally, one of the first things we do if there is a problem is to update to the latest version. You can do this by selecting Settings / Update.