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Problems Emailing

Problems Emailing

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Problems Emailing

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To test the emailing first go to Settings / System / Comms and check the email settings have been entered correctly. See Comms Settings

Then go to the Settings / Operators and ensure the From Email is set correctly. You may also want to check the Email Signature here but it is not essential.

Then go to contacts and pick a contact with an email you can test and click on the button next to the Email field (In the People Tab)

Reasons for email failure include:

Incorrect email outgoing server address

Incorrect email user name and passcode settings

Incorrect Port or SSL settings. See Comms Settings

Incorrect From Email in Comms (when bulk sending or scheduling emails)

Incorrect From Email in Operators for current operator (when sending manually)

From email domain not allowed from ISP or email server

Computer firewall or network not allowing outgoing emails