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Problems Printing

Problems Printing

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Problems Printing

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The following is normally the order of diagnostics we would normally follow unless we already had an inkling of what it was
Not Printing at all

Go into Control Panel / Printers, find the printer, go into properties and ensure you can do a test print from that printer

On the computer that is not printing correctly first go into Settings / Workstations / Print Options and make sure both the Printer and the Report for each option is set correctly. If a printer is deleted or renamed these will need to be re-set.

Sometimes a printer does not work when a computer comes back from a 'Sleep' mode. Normally it is best to shut down both and start printer first and computer second.

Printing incorrectly

If the company name and division information is not displaying on printed invoices or the system is giving errors when trying to reprint an invoice from the sales screen, make sure the 'Default Division' is set in Settings > Workstations > Sales Options.

If a report has data displayed multiple times make sure the Contact record does not have more than 1 contact person with 'Main' ticked

If a report has no data or missing Contact details make sure the Contact record has one contact person with 'Main' ticked

If a Sales Invoice for a New Unit shows the unit twice, make sure there is only one Stock Item with that Model Template set (Use Items / Stock / Maintenance / Check P/UO Qtys to check)

If a report is being scaled incorrectly it is normally because the page size is set differently in the Printer settings. Check the form / paper / stock size in Print Properties / Print Preferences.

If the bottom of an A4 form is being cut off it normally means that the Paper Size is set to Letter rather than A4 in Printer Properties / Preferences. Note: Sometimes it is different between an initial print and a re-print.

Also see Guides on specific printers on our Portal for more information and issues affecting specific printers