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Problems Starting Evopos

Problems Starting Evopos

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Problems Starting Evopos

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If Evopos does not start, bring up the Database Connection screen, or create a New database then please check the following issues:

Run as Administrator

With some security settings you may need to run the program as Administrator initially. To do this run the program from Windows Explorer by browsing to C:\Program Files\Evopos\Evopos\EvoposMain.exe (or Progam Files(86)), then right click the file and select 'Run as Administrator'.

In some cases you can change the properties for the Shortcut by right clicking the shortcut and select Properties, select the Compatibility tab and tick Run as Administrator.  However, if UAC is turned on then UAC may come up with a prompt each time you start the program.

Turn off UAC (User Account Control)

If Running as Administrator does not fix the issue (or if UAC prompts each time you start Evopos), you may need to turn off UAC off.

You would do this by:

Windows XP, Vista, 7 - Select: Start > Control Panel > User Accounts, then select 'User Account Control settings' and move the slide to the bottom

Windows 8 - Right click Start Menu > Control Panel > User Accounts, then select 'User Account Control settings' and move the slide to the bottom (Note: On Windows 8.0 you would select Charms > Settings > Control Panel)

Installer issues

If you get an Installer error, or are unable to update Evopos, or you get prompt saying something like 'Updating Evopos' each time you attempt to start Evopos then the Installer file may be corrupt.

See Problems Updating Evopos for more information

Application Errors

If you get an Application Error when starting Evopos it is normally because that computer does not have the latest dependencies installed.

You can normally get over this by installing the dependencies manually. The Dependencies are:

Crystal Reports - Normally in the shared folder ..\Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 4.0\CRRuntim_32Bit_13_0_1.msi or download from Crystal Reports

Dot.Net Framework 3.5 - Normally in the shared folder ..\DotNetFX\DotNetFX.exe or download from Microsoft

Installer 4.01 (Required when installing SQL2008). You can download from Microsoft

Note: If you run EvoposMain.MSI when installing rather than Setup.EXE it will not check and install the dependencies.

If you are running Windows XP make sure SP3 or later and Dot.Net Framefork 3.5 has been installed.


Data or Program problems

Evopos cannot start if the data is corrupted or not set correctly. To test for this we can setup an empty 'Training' Database on the server and see if it connects to this.

There has also been certain builds of Evopos in the past that have not enabled some computers to start in certain circumstances. To correct please upload the latest version from the portal

See Problems Connecting to the database for more information