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Problems Updating Evopos

Problems Updating Evopos

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Problems Updating Evopos

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If you have a problem updating or installing Evopos, please check the following issues:

Make sure you are running the Setup.exe rather than the MSI file
Running the Setup.exe file will check for dependencies, where as running the MSI will not. This is especially important on the first install.


If you get a message such as 'Cannot Find .Net Framework 2.0 or 3.5'
This is normally on Windows 8 or 10(Preview). To fix select Control Panel / Programs and Features, select the option to 'Turn Windows Features  On or Off' and then tick the option for '.Net Framework 3.5 (Includes .Net Framework 2.0 and 3.0). Then run the setup again


If you get a message such as 'Invalid install'
This normally means the setup files are corrupted (Normally caused by a change in the method of downloading the update files since 2.05 Build 036). Note: You can tell as the Install files are normally only 1k in size.

To fix we will need to manually download the latest update files (s) from our web portal into your shared folder. The links are:



Save these two files into your shared folder on the main computer (Normally \EvoposShares\Install\EvoposDesktop or \bbscd\Evolve\ and then run the setup.exe. Future updates should then work fine from Settings > Update Evopos


If you get a message such as 'Install already running'
This normally happens if there is a mixture of versions on your system. The best way to correct this is to download the latest version by using the links above (or download from the Evopos Portal), and then run the setup.exe manually.


If you get a message such as 'Cannot find original media' or 'Cannot un-install Evopos'.
This normally meads the Installation data in Windows has been corrupted.

To fix there is a Microsoft Install Fix up Utility that can be run from the following link: