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‘Procedures’ are documents that describe how business tasks, procedures and quality audits should best be performed.

This helps ensure that everyone in the business can have the knowledge on how to perform each task in the most consistent and effective way.

Procedures are a well recognised method for a business to improve it's efficiency and profitability.

Staff can self assess themselves on the Procedures which relate to them. This will build to their skill level rating which can be a valuable indicator of their worth to the business.

Staff are also encouraged to submit any ideas that may improve any procedure. These are recorded in the system so it is easy to see staff who contribute to the success of the business. If a submitted idea is implemented or the Procedure is otherwise changed, then all staff related to that procedure are informed and they can easily re-view it and re-assess themselves.

Printed Procedure Manuals have been around for many years but they were a nightmare to create, print, distribute, maintain and control who needs to notified when specific procedures are updated. The Evopos Procedure system automates the whole process and makes it extremely fast and simple. Evopos were the first company to develop a computerised Procedure system for ISO 9000 Quality system approval.

‘Procedures’ is an optional module can be included in your Evopos system for a small monthly payment which includes unlimited support. There is no up-front cost or contract and you can cancel at any time. To activate simply go into Licencing and tick the Procedures option.

Please contact the team at Evopos for more information or an obligation free demonstration.