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Processing Payroll

Processing Payroll

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Processing Payroll

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To Process the Pay:

Select Accounts > Payroll

You should see a screen with a grid with a row for each employee for that Pay period who has a pay due to be paid. An employee is determined by having an Operator record (in Settings / Operators) where Payroll is ticked. The ‘Paid up to’ date (in Settings / Operators) determines if the pay is due.

If the figures for any employees on the grid need to be changed then select ‘Edit’ from the left menu and change the details as required.

When the employees that you wish to pay have the correct amounts you can tick those employees and then select Process from the left menu

The system should produce a pay slip for each employee which shows the Pay and Superannuation details. You can configure employees so that their Pay-slip is automatically emailed to them by select Default Document in Contacts to Email.

Note: If you wish to pay directly into employees bank accounts using the Bank-File option please check the instructions on Bank-File first

Editing Details

There are 4 different pay lines for Taxable amounts and 1 pay line for Non-Taxable amounts.

The 1st taxable line is normally for their basic pay

The 2nd line is for other pay that would have still has Superannuation calculated on it

The 3rd line is for Pay that is not subject to Superannuation (such as Overtime)

The Paid Holiday line is for any Hours taken Paid Holiday in that period. If an employee has been allocated any holiday hours then certain pay slips will also show how many holiday hours are remaining (The calculation for this is the number of holiday hours for the year divided by 365 and then multiplied by the number of days so far this payroll year, it will then add any amount of Holiday hours brought forward from previous years and then deduct any Holiday hours taken so far this payroll year).

The Paid Sick Pay line is for any Hours taken Paid Sick in that period

If there is Sick or Holiday pay in a period you would normally reduce down the Basic Hours by the amount of Sick and Holiday Hours.

The Taxable Allowances is deductions or add-ons that do effect the Tax payable. Note: The total of this figure is shown separately on the Pay Summary as Taxable Allowances. Enter any amounts that will reduce the pay as negative amounts.

The Non-Taxable line is deductions or add-ons that do not effect the Tax payable.

If any of the details above are likely to be repeated on future pays, you can select 'Set Default' from the left menu to remember the amounts and descriptions for that employee. You can also set in Settings / Operators-Staff

See Setting Up Payroll for more information


Salary Sacrifice

If an employee wants to do a Salary Sacrifice (reduce their pay and increase their superannuation by the same amount) then:

Enter the amount as a negative figure (normally in the Taxable Allowances line) to reduce the Pay and the amount of tax payable. Note: Give it a Description such as Salary Sacrifice

Enter the amount as a positive figure in the ‘Additional Superannuation’ field


Australia Specific Information

The base Superannuation rates are:

1-July-2012 to 30-June-2013  = 9.00%.

1-July-2013 to 30-June-2014  = 9.25%.

1-July-2014 to 30-June-2015  = 9.50%.

Note: The Base Superannuation is calculated as the above percentage on the total of:

Line 1, employee’s base pay (calculated as the 1st taxable/Base line rate x Hours)

Plus Line 2 total

Plus any Holiday hours at the 1st line Base Rate

Plus any Holiday hours at the 1st line Base Rate