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The Purchase Ledger (or Bought Ledger) is used to enter every type of purchase or expense that your business pays for. This includes stock purchases, business expenses, staff wages, receipts for things like fuel, or window cleaning services, tax payments, and anything else charged to the company. They all get entered in the same place no matter how they are paid for eg: cash purchases, direct debits, standing orders, cheque purchases etc.

You can enter and pay for a transaction in one go or you can leave transactions as unpaid and pay for them later. You can produce Aged creditors reports for unpaid transaction or view due purchase transactions in the main Purchases screen with the Due option ticked (Default). You can pay transaction(s) at any time by select the appropriate supplier on the list and select ‘Payments’ from the left menu.

Evopos uses the accrual system so the tax is claimed on the Purchase transaction based on it’s Invoice date, not when it is paid.

See Purchase Payments for information on personal transactions paid from business account or business transactions paid from personal money or account