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Exporting to Ramco ERP

Exporting to Ramco ERP

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Exporting to Ramco ERP

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We can supply a utility called RamcoExport.EXE to create an Export files to send to the Ramco Server

Sales for each Division

This will create a Sales_CDI.XML file and then send it to the Ramco Server. It can be run manually or run automatically from Windows Task Scheduler.

In Evopos you must first ensure you have a Division for each Branch (In Settings / Division)

If you do not want the Division to be processed then un-tick the Active check box

Ensure the Ramco Customer No is in the Short Name of each Division being processed

In the Export Code field you should ensure the following fields are in the following order and separated with the | character eg:


We can also produce EDI Purchase Orders for Ramco