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Re-occurring Sales Transactions

Re-occurring Sales Transactions

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Re-occurring Sales Transactions

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There are 2 types of Re-occurring Sales Transactions: Re-occurring Invoices and Re-occurring Sales Orders


Re-occurring Invoices

This will automatically create and print or email an invoice based on details form another invoice.

This was implemented on Evopos 2.09 Build 060 (or later)

To set it up:

Select: Settings / Workstations / Scheduler

Create a new Scheduler record

Set the Type to: Re-occurring invoice

Set the Frequency (New 2 Week option added)

Specify an Invoice number you want re-occurring


Note: If you set the ‘Default Document’ in the Contact record to an email option it will automatically email it, or else it will print it


Re-Occurring Sales Orders

This will keep a copy of the Sales Order when-ever it is invoiced, so it is easy to recall again and re-invoice

When you select Sales / Recall and select the Sales Orders option you can see all current Sales Orders. On the main list grid it is possible to select the 'Re-occurring' option by clicking on it.

Then when the sales order is recalled and converted to an Invoice, it will keep a copy of the sales order for the next one.