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To recall a transaction click Recall on the left menu, confirm you have the correct Transaction Type selected (Held transaction, Estimate, Sales Order or Job). Then highlight the transaction you want to recall from the list and click OK (Or double click).

You will then be returned to the Sales screen with all the previously entered information intact.

Tip: Held transactions can also be recalled by any operator on any workstation. This is useful if you need to switch computers to finish a sale.

Recall Sales Orders, Estimates & Jobs

As well as any held transactions, you would also use the Recall screen to recall Estimates, Sales orders or Jobs by changing the transaction type at the top of the screen (See image below).


More Recall Options


The Delete button allows you to delete the selected transaction on any of the recall screens.


The Pre-View button gives you a printable preview of the selected transaction. It also allows you to enter a different heading for it before printing it, for example, if you wanted to produce a Pro-Forma Invoice, simply click Preview, add the required heading and print it.

This is also especially useful when you need to create an invoice with a finance suppliers name on it, but still want to invoice the goods the original customer.

To do this, compose an invoice with the finance company details added to it, click Hold, then click Recall and Pre-View. You can then print that off for the supplier before adding the customers details to the transaction and finishing it normally.


Depending on which section you are viewing, the List button will produce a printable report which lists the relevant transactions.


Each incomplete transaction is linked to a Workstation and Operator. Occasionally, open transactions are left 'Open' on workstation, for example if another operator logged in while a transaction was in progress. This used to be especially hard to track down if the Workstation or Operator was removed.  Use the Open Trans button to track them down and either put them on Hold or Delete them.


This option is only on the Estimate recall screen, select to duplicate the selected Estimate. This will not affect the original estimate and is designed to have a copies of each version or create a new one based on an existing one. Note: You can also create a new transaction based on a previous sale (See Sales / Options).


This option is only on the Sales Orders recall screen, the Get Web Orders button will retrieve any new sales produced on your Web Store and convert them into Sales Orders.


This option is only on the Jobs recall screen, click New Job to quickly book and invoice a repair or job. Once you have entered the job information and clicked OK, you will be prompted to invoice it straight away, saving you from having to switch screens too often. See the Creating Jobs topic for more information.