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Receiving Purchase Orders

Receiving Purchase Orders

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Receiving Purchase Orders

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To you receive goods you would bring up the purchase order (or create a new one) and set the Received Qty to the quantity being received. You can select Auto Receive on the left menu to mark all lines as being received.

Note: You can create a purchase order and receive it in one go.

When you have marked one or more line as Received and select Save, it will first give you the option to re-print or export the Purchase Order

It will then bring up a screen where you can enter details relating to the goods being received. For example:

Update Retail Option - Options: Update with No Prompt, Prompt if Different, No Update. If Updated the main Retail is set to the Retail amount on the Purchase Order line (if you have edited it)

Supplier Inv/Ref - The Supplier Invoice Number or a Reference if you only have a Delivery note

Date Received - The Date the good were actually received

Other Costs - This is for Other Costs not being invoiced by that supplier at that time. For example there could be separate Shipping costs.

Update Cost in Stock File - This option will update the main cost price with the Average Unit Cost, so that if we had 2 @ 13.00 already in stock and you received another 2 @ 14.00 then the system would calculate you had 4 @ an average cost of 13.50. The Freight plus the Other Costs (As above) are split pro-rata against all the items being received.

Update Cost in Price Books - This option will update the cost price in all suppliers price book with a matching Part Number

Create Purchase Transaction - This will create a Purchase Transaction for the goods being received. You can confirm amounts and if Paid on later screens.

Confirm details and then select Receive from the left menu

If there are any new units being received it should bring up a screen where you can confirm VIN numbers, colours, prices and engine numbers for each unit. If this screen does not come up, then check the stock item and ensure the Type is set to New Unit and the Model is set to a valid Model Template in Items / Stock Items / General tab. See also: Ordering and Receiving the New Stock Item

The actual Cost price confirmed is always updated in the stock item in the Last Cost field (under Inventory tab) and the Supplier Last Cost field (under Suppliers tab). Note This is the actual price and NOT to the averaged cost price

If a line is a Customer Order it will:

Check if it is on a current Sales Order and prompt to update prices if different

Check if it is on a current Job and prompt to update if prices different

Evopos will then display a Goods Received Note and give you the option to print it. We recommend printing the Goods Received Note and physically matching it up to the supplier invoice, so you would know that the items have been received  before you enter / pay the purchase transaction. Note: If the totals are different you may need to amend the cost price of the appropriate stock items to ensure the stock value is correct. If the item was Invoiced profit figures are correct.

Depending on your Label settings you may then get an option to print Labels for the received stock. Stock items would have a Stock Label, customer orders would have a special customer order label with the customer details Name and Phone Number).