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Remote Support

Remote Support

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Remote Support

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In Evopos we have our own built in Remote support software. There are 4 ways you can activate it

Press Alt+F3 anywhere within Evopos

Select Log Report on the top menu and then select Remote Support

Select Remote Support from the Connect to Database screen

Click Evopos Remote Support (GMPC)

When the Evopos Support screen comes up and tell us the 4 digit code and we can connect in

We also have an Evopos Branded Team Viewer. To download click Evopos Remote Support (Team Viewer).  Or go to the main Team Viewer site at: www.teamviewer.com Note: Team Viewer can be a faster and more reliable remote access software.  Users often use this when they want to be able to connect in from Home or away as well. There is a Free version for non-commercial use.

You can also connect to a computer over the internet using the standard Windows ‘Remote Desktop' (needs a Static Public IP address and security set correctly)