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Reports - Changing Criteria

Reports - Changing Criteria

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Reports - Changing Criteria

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You can set different criteria to any report. If you want to use the same report content with different criteria you can make a copy of the report and give it a different criteria (and Name).

To save having to constantly change the criteria eg: for different dates, you can use ‘Dynamic’ codes such as ‘Start of current month’ which automatically adjusts the date to the 1st of the current month. Another example is to set the criteria to Transaction No = ‘Last Transaction No’ to be able to quickly print the last invoice. There is also a Manual entry and a ‘Prompt’ value option for each data type.

To change the Criteria on a report

Select Reports from the top menu

Then select the appropriate report.

Select Edit from the left menu, this should bring up a window with the details of the report.

Select the Criteria tab to change criteria. If the field you want to use for criteria is not displayed select the Available fields tab

To change an existing criteria line: Highlight the criteria line to change, select the field, an operator, a code or value

To remove a criteria line, select the line to remove and press [Del]

To add a new criteria line select Add Line and then set a field, operator, code or value

Once you have the criteria right you can select OK (Leave Default) to temporary set the criteria just for this session, or if you want to save the new criteria permanently select OK (Update Default)


When working with Dates the system takes into account the time of day. This means you have to be careful when using basic dates as they are set to the 1st second of the day. So Sale date >= 23/3/2010 and SaleDate < 23/3/2010 would not bring up anything for that day, you would have to use SaleDate < 24/3/2010

The current criteria is shown on the bottom left of the screen just to the right of the side menu