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Reports - Creating

Reports - Creating

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Reports - Creating

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It is possible to create your own reports using SAP Crystal Reports.  A free version of this is included with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or later.

The easiest way to create new reports is to take a copy of an existing one, re-name it, and edit it to suit. Note: If the report contains the *VW field you will need to delete it or you will have problems if the View is updated

Design notes

Report Header section  - _REPORT_TITLE (12pt Blue), _CRITERIA_DESCRIPTION (9pt Blue), _LOGO_SMALL_LOCATION

Page Header - _Division_Name,  ‘Produced: 01-Mar-2006 – 12:45pm’, ‘Page: n of: n’ (9pt Blue)

Margins - A4 -  L= 6.30mm, R= 6.30 T= 6.30 B= 6.30  - 80mm -  L= 2.50mm, R= 2.50 T= 6.00 B= 6.00 (Approx)

Data Connection -  If data on same machine - (local)\bbs – If data remote – Server1\bbs (user correct computer name)


Any text fields that may contain HTML will need to have the property for using HTML text set. eg Long descriptions, unit details, job descriptions, mailshot letters.Select format object on the text field (right click), Select the Paragraph tab, Change the text interpretation from "None" to "HTML Text"


Report File Naming Convention:

Report file names are made up of:

(Group Internal Name) - (Report Type) - (Report_Name) e.g.:





Groups - Display / Internal Name

Accounts – Sales / SALES

Accounts – Purchases / PURCHASE

Accounts – General / GENERAL

Contacts / CONTACTS

Items / ITEMS

Jobs / JOBS

Organiser / ORGANISER

System / SYSTEM

Units / UNITS

Custom / CUSTOM

Report Types:

REPORT  (Report)

FRMINV  (Invoice)

FRMEST (Estimate)

FRMSAL (Sales order)

FRMPAY (Payment Received)

FRMSTA  (Statement - Sales )

FRMPUR  (Purchase order)

FRMREM  (Goods Received Note)

FRMPRE (Purchase Remittance Advice)

FRMUNI  (Unit Receipt)

FRMJOB  (Job Card)

LABITE   (Item Label)

LABCON  (Contact Label)

LABUNI  (Unit Label)

LABJOB  (Job Lab)


Report Fields

Please see Report Fields