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Reports - Organising

Reports - Organising

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Reports - Organising

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There are hundreds of reports available for Evopos plus you can add your own so we have a number of systems for organising them.

Security Access

You can use the security levels to set which reports each member of staff can see

Select Settings from top menu, ensure System tab is selected, and select Security tab

Select the appropriate Security Level, the right hand side of the screen shows which reports are available (The left hand side of the screen is which menu options that will be displayed

Tick the reports you want to be available for that level and clear the others

Ensure the appropriate operators have the correct security level set in System / Operators

Then when an operator logs in they will only see the reports that are available to that security level

Report Properties

You can also set any Report as a ‘Favourite’, change the menu name of the report or change the Order of reports on the tree view

Select Reports from the top Menu

Select the Report you want to change

Select Edit from the left menu, select the Name/Details tab

You can then check the Favorite option

You can change the Order by changing the Order number

You can change the menu Name of the report by changing Menu Name

When done select Ok (Update Default)

Users can toggle between Favorites Only’ and ‘All Reports’ by selecting the Favorites / All Reports button on the left menu