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Restoring Data

Restoring Data

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Restoring Data

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WARNING Restore will completely over-write all data in the selected database, so great care should be taken to avoid overwriting data in a database you still need. If in doubt take another Backup of that database before you restore.

Note: It is a good idea to test backups by restoring the backed up data to a separate computer (for example your home computer, a laptop or even one of the workstations).

To Restore data from a Backup

Start Evopos on the machine that holds the data (Restore can only be performed on the computer that is running SQL Server)

Select Settings and in the bottom half of the System / General page select the 'Restore' button. Then confirm the prompts and select the Backup file to Restore. and select OK. (Note: Restore may not work from certain locations such as My Documents, the Desktop or other Network or USB Drives - Evopos will normally copy to a local folder such as C:\Evopos\Backups)

When data is restored Evopos will close. Restart Evopos and it should show the restored data

If you have any problems please see Problems Restoring Data or call Customer Services