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Sales - Close Batch (End of Day)

Sales - Close Batch (End of Day)

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Sales - Close Batch (End of Day)

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You can balance the money taken at the end of each shift or day. ‘Close Batch’ is like the Z function on a Cash Register, it groups everything since the last time you ‘Closed a Batch’ and gives them a unique ‘Batch Number’.  Batches make it easier to group and balance money for smaller periods.


Close Batch can be performed ‘Blind’ (where you cannot see how much the computer has recorded you have taken – for security reasons), or ‘Viewable’ where you can see all the payments recorded. You can enter the closing float (optional) and the amounts you are taking out, then Evopos compares those amounts to what it has recorded, produces a report and details if any payment method is Under or Over.


To Close the Batch (Balance the money):

Select Sales, then Options, then Close Batch tab

Confirm the Draw Number  You can set different Drawers for different workstations in: Settings / Workstations / Sales

Confirm the money in the drawer for each payment method eg: Cash, Cards, Cheques. If you keep a set amount as float and just enter the money taken out. If the float varies you should enter the Closing float and the amounts you are taking out

When finished select Close and check anyUnders’ or ‘Overs’. If there are any mistakes they should be corrected before we do the Banking.

If the money in the drawer is ‘Over’ (too much) look for:

Duplicated Invoice/Payment – Credit/Reverse Payment

Credit not entered – Create the Credit

Paid invoice set as Account – Make a Payment

If the money in the Drawer is ‘Under’ (too little) look for:

Invoice/Payments not entered – Create Invoice / Payment

Credit duplicated – Reverse

Account invoice set as Paid – Make a negative Pre-Payment

Money taken out for purchase not recorded.

A discount given but not entered on the transaction

If an amount has been entered to the wrong payment method select ‘Accounts’, ‘Journal’ to transfer between the accounts eg: From Cash-In-Hand to Cards-In-Hand. If you cannot find the problem you would normally create an adjustment sale/credit to the appropriate payment method (use a specific Part Number so we can track). Where possible close another batch after making corrections or it will confuse the next batch. To view previous batches select ‘Sales’, ‘Options’, ‘Previous Batches’ tab Or – Select ‘Reports’ and ‘Payments by Tender’ etc.