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Sales - Customer Orders

Sales - Customer Orders

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Sales - Customer Orders

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You can order items specifically for customers.


There are two Types of customer order:

Special orders - Invoiced on order (Normally for Retail)

Back orders - Invoiced on supply (Normally for Trade)


There are four main stages to a customer order:

Create the Customer order – Initiated in sales (see below)

Create the Purchase order - Items should be automatically included

Receive the Purchase order – Produces labels with customer details

Supply to customer – For Special orders select ‘Contacts’, ‘Customer Orders’ and change the status to Completed when the customer picks them up (also check if money owed). For Backorders select ‘Sales’, ‘Options’, ‘Release Satisfiable Backorders’ to release items onto sales orders, you can then ‘Recall’ the sales orders and invoice


See all outstanding customer orders in: ‘Items’, ‘Key Information’, ‘Outstanding Customer Orders’. See which customer orders need to be ordered in: ‘Items’, ‘Key Information’, ‘Customer orders to order’.


To ensure customer orders come up automatically on purchase orders:

If the item is in the stock file make sure the item has ‘Supplier’ set and marked as ‘Main’

If the item is in a Price file make sure the Price file has a Category set (In ‘Settings’, ‘Stores’) and the Category has ‘Primary Supplier’ set (In ‘Items’, ‘Categories’)

If the item is not in the stock file or a Price book make sure you have a  Non-Stock part number in the stock file for each supplier eg: ‘NS-ABC IMPORTS’, un-check ‘Maintain Stock’, check ‘Prompt for Price’ and make sure ‘Supplier’ is set. Then enter that part number in sales and temporally edit the Part Number, Description and Price to suit.


To create a Customer Order:

Select Sales (if not already selected)

Bring up the item and select Edit (if not already brought up)

In the customer order section confirm the Type of Customer order

Select Cust Order on the Edit screen (rather than Supply)

Add any other items and finish transaction as normal. The customer order is created when the transaction is Saved.


Tip - You can set the default Customer Order Type for each workstation in Settings / Workstation / Sales settings