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Sales - Discounts and Surcharges

Sales - Discounts and Surcharges

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Sales - Discounts and Surcharges

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You can assign discounts or surcharges manually in the sales screen or automatically by using Price Levels


Manual Discounts or Surcharges

Select Discount to discount a single item or all items so far. If you wish to discount just one item then highlight that line first. If discounting all make sure you select ‘All Lines’ from the discount screen

Confirm the method of discounting (or surcharge) eg:

oPercentage To discount a percentage eg 10% off

oAmount – To enter a total amount you wish to take off

oTotal – To enter the amount you want as the Total (the discount will be set as the difference)

You can set to proportion the discount to the items or add on the bottom as a separate line. On All Lines this will proportion the discount against each individual line

You can select Details to show the Cost and Profit (If allowed)

When satisfied select OK


Tip - When discounting all lines make sure you select All Lines as the discounting just the current line is the default


Automatic Price levels

You can pre-define discounts or surcharges for specific customers by assigning a Price level to the customer.


A Price Level can have different discounts set for different items. You can set a standard price over-ride or quantity based over-ride for individual Items. You can set discounts for different Items, Stock Categories or for All other Items.


You could have different price levels for Trade, Distributors, Staff etc. Prices can be based on Cost, Retail or one of 3 User defined prices. You can set surcharges by entering a negative percentage (eg: Cost plus 10% for staff)


To create a Price Level select Items then Price Levels.


To allocate a Price Level to a Customer select Contacts and change the Price Level Over-ride under the ‘Sales’ tab


See Items – Price Levels for more details