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Sales - Fixing Mistakes and Refunds

Sales - Fixing Mistakes and Refunds

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Sales - Fixing Mistakes and Refunds

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Changes before the Invoice is finalised

If you need to change something before the invoice has been created you can select the appropriate line and edit or delete it.  You can delete all lines by selecting the Delete option and select 'All Lines'


Things you can change on an Invoice after it is Invoiced

If there is a mistake you would normally credit and re-invoice, however there are a limited number of things you can change:

If the Name is wrong you can select Accounts / Maintenance / Change Name on Invoice, or Merge 2 Contacts

If the payment method is wrong you can select Accounts / Journals to create a journal entry eg: From In-Hand-Cash to In-Hand-Cheques

Some of the Invoice Header details can be changed in Accounts / Sales / Edit (eg: Message, Cust Ref)

Some of the Invoice Line details can be changed in Accounts / Sales / Lines / Edit (eg: Category, Salesperson, Cost)


Crediting an Invoice

For anything else we will need to ‘Credit a Sale’ to reverse the sale and then re-invoice (if required).  Note: Credit Notes are basically the same as Invoices except for the total value is negative (eg -100.00). If the Quantity on a line is negative it will put the item back in stock. You can credit manually or use the automatic ‘Credit a previous sale’ option.

To automatically Credit a Previous Sale

Select Sales / Options / Credit a Previous Sale

Confirm the ‘Invoice No’ and if to reverse the original payment method(s) or put the credit on the customers account.

To manually create a credit

Select Sales and either enter the items with negative quantities. An alternative way especially if there are a lot of items is to enter the lines normally (with positive quantities) and at the end select ‘Options’, ‘Convert to Credit/Inv’ which will automatically reverse all the quantities.

When completed and the transaction is showing the correct Negative total you can select Finish and select the method of payment.

There is also an option for re-creating an Invoice based on a previous Invoice in Sales / Options

Notes on Refunds - Technically a refund is the payment part of a Credit note. If for example the sale was paid for with a credit card, the credit note would normally be ‘Paid / Refunded’ by the same credit card (so the card charges would also be credited).  If you are not giving them back money at that time you could select Account (make sure their Contact record is selected). If you are paying them back by a cheque select Direct Deposit (make sure it is negative) or you can create a negative Prepayment by Direct Deposit.